Nerdy Accelerator

About Accelerator

Why did we start it?

As we aspire to become a community of builders and enablers we aim to attract as many talented people as possible and establish a long-term collaboration with them that will be mutually benefitial and help strengthen the Nerdy Inu ecosystem.

What we can help you with


We give grants in ETH to the projects that want to build and utilize NERDY token into their business model. Regardless if you're a developer, artist, musician, entrepreneur, writer, designer, if you have a cool project, we wanna hear about it!

Early Bonus

Token Launch

We've helped many people successfully launch their tokens, both on ETH and BSC network. We help you find best tokenomics model, program the smart contract, deploy it live-stream for your audience if you want, burn the Liquidity for you and set everything up for success.

Univarsal Access


We help the teams with back-end, front-end, smart contract development, etc. We can build the entire MVP of your product and launch fully functional tokenized products.

Secure Storage

BizDev services

We are crypto veterans and as such can help your project find the best monetization model, business application, target customers, conculde the most suitable partnerships and so on.

Low Cost

Promo Partners

We help you identify the right promo partners for your project and make sure you don't end up spending money without any significant returns. There are a lot of scam call channels, twitter accounts, different telegram service provides, etc. that will go after your money. We make sure you avoid them.

Several Profit

Advisory services

Members from our team serve as advisory board members to many different projects in the crypto space. From NGOs and Foundations, across DeFi, Blockchain tech and Gaming space.

Success Stories

Some of the projects we work with and helped them launch their tokens successfully.

GRANTS Program

Grants program will start in December

We will be giving away grants to the best teams with the best business ideas. We are accepting proposals from entrepreneurs, artists, developers, writers, creators, cretives, anyone who can come up with an interesting way to utilize NERDY token into their project. We're looking for people who are:

  • Honest and hardworking

  • Coachable and adopt quickly

  • Smart and talented

Apply for the Grant

Frequently asked questions about Accelerator

Below are some of the most frequent questions we get from people.

How much money do you invest?

We invest on a case by case basis. Some projects need more guidance and partnerships for success, some need development grant to dedicate their time to building out certain product. We make sure to get to know the team and their vision and cook up the recipe for success together.

What projects do you support?

We primarily look at the team behind the project to see if they are capable and dedicated to build a successful token. However, when it comes to projects, we're industry-agnostic and try to support everyone with a good idea.

What do you look for in a team?

Team should be honest, hardworking and transparent. The ability to listen and be coached. We love people who learn and adopt quickly. Smart and talented individuals who want to create something bigger than themselves.

Can you help us with launching a token?

Yes. And not only that, we help projects think of the best tokenomics model, build the website, etc. We can program the smart contract, deploy it live-stream for your audience if you want, burn the Liquidity for you and set everything up for success.

What's the first step?

First you need to reach out to us and let us know about your idea. Then, we'll set up the call to get to know each other and talk about the idea more in depth. After vetting the team and the idea, we start planning and building.

How long does it take to launch the token?

If you have absolutely everything prepared and ready - tokenomics model, website, telegram group setup, social media, identified promo partners, call groups, twitter accounts, shillers, etc. we can launch a token in 24-48 hours.

Let's meet, man!

Feel free to reach out to us if you have an interesting idea you think might work, or you want to launch your own token, or just brainstorm some ideas, or maybe you want to get to know the team, share stories and experiences, help us improve etc. Either way, do just it, we love meeting new people.